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New Bern, NC USA - 27 May 2022 - Ceylon Graphene Technologies has successfully passed a rigorous evaluation to achieve the official status as a Verified Graphene Producer®.

The Graphene Council administers the Verified Graphene Producer® program, the only credential that includes independent 3rd party in-person inspections of graphene production facilities, verification of production methods, volumes and quality control processes. The Verified Graphene Producer program also includes independent expert testing of graphene materials according to the Graphene Classification Framework (currently being adapted as an official ISO Standard).

Representing more than 30,000 materials experts and professionals globally, The Graphene Council is the leading independent trade and professional body representing the graphene and advanced 2D materials sector and is actively involved in standards setting, testing, and education to support the commercial adoption and application of Graphene and related 2D materials (GR2M).

Graphene is the first in a growing family of 2 dimensional advanced nanomaterials that hold unique properties that can be used to address some of the world’s most challenging problems, including sustainability, decarbonization, achieving Net-Zero and building resilient infrastructure. Graphene also has been demonstrated in healthcare and medical applications, energy storage solutions, a range of critical sensing applications and in electronics, and many more critical sectors.

Ceylon Graphene Technologies (CGT) was established in June 2018 and is a joint venture between LOLC Group and Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC). CGT is the first Graphene and advanced materials company in Sri Lanka and is the manufacturers of the highest quality Graphene products from the best quality Vein Graphite mined in the world. The company produces GO and rGO materials for energy storage, construction, composites, coatings and paints, water purification, and other customer specific applications.

Achieving the Verified Graphene Producer status is the pinnacle of 3rd party validation that a company can achieve to demonstrate the ability to produce genuine graphene materials at a commercial scale.

“We congratulate Ceylon Graphene Technologies on achieving this important milestone which will give customers confidence that they are working with a reliable and capable partner to supply bona fide graphene materials. We were impressed with Ceylon Graphene Technology’s professionalism and their innovative approach to produce graphene materials at scale.” - Terrance Barkan, Executive Director, The Graphene Council.

“We are delighted to be confirmed by The Graphene Council as a Verified Graphene Producer. From inception, our mission has been to provide superior quality graphene in commercial volumes and a full spectrum of in-house services to our partners and customers. The Verified Graphene Producer certification is a testament to the success of this undertaking.

“The verification by The Graphene Council assurers our partners that we deliver high quality, consistent product. This extensive verification includes the assessment of our production facilities, processes and our material. We are pleased that our product and facilities meet this rigorous quality assurance requirements set out by the Graphene Council.

“We would like to thank The Graphene Council for the recognition and look forward to working with the community to realize the true commercial potential of the wonder material.” Manju Gunawardana – CEO, Ceylon Graphene Technologies

For more information, please contact: Terrance Barkan, Executive Director +1 202-294-5563, [email protected]

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