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About us

Ceylon Graphene Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, is a joint venture of LOLC Advance Technologies and Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) that aims to become the world’s leading producer of graphene-related materials.

At our facilities we are constantly in search of new ways of manufacturing graphene, evolving our methods through our expertise and our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Our uniqueness is not just based on our expertise but also on our ability to harness a form of pure graphite that is only found in the rich soils of Sri Lanka, vein graphite. The purest graphite coupled with our expertise enables us to produce mission-specific graphene that caters to the diverse technology needs of our clientele. Manufacturing high-quality graphene, at large scale quantities and at industry competitive rates.

The partnership between LOLC Advance Technologies and SLINTEC brings together the knowledge and experience of two of the world’s leading firms in research and development.

Our true strength comes from our backbone which is the LOLC Group. Sri Lanka’s most valuable and globally diversified financial conglomerate, the LOLC Group is at the forefront of sectors such as agriculture and plantations, construction and real estate, leisure, renewable energy, manufacturing and trading, and technology and research.

A pioneer company in the field of innovative materials, SLINTEC is well-positioned to generate further growth opportunities for LOLC Group in this sector. The partnership between the two companies provides a complete solution to the buyer’s needs in the industrial sectors. Making our journey of developing high-quality graphene from extraction to execution more efficient and innovative every day.

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